Webmasters terms of cooperation:

Tired of wasting your effort on adult affiliate programs that do the same thing all over again? We are here to push the limits of online porn and bring the high tech edge to it. Let's experience rocking conversions and long rebills together, shall we?

Our team produces unique content that is truly able to GRAB and ENGAGE the customer. Why? It's the most cutting edge, high quality, creativity-powered erotic entertainment they can get online today! We get them HOOKED! We capitalize on the catchiest niches and never stop coming up with new ones. New sets are published regularly and our product just never stops getting BETTER. Most importantly, our sites DO SELL! Visit our blockbuster Insane3D.com and our new sites: 3DX Tube.com, Xeno3DX.com, HornyPencil.com, Femdom3D.com, DemonicLust.com, Monster3DX.com, Futanarium.com, FutaDom.com, 3dBDSMVault.com, Shemale3Dsluts.com, Ultimate3Dsmut.com, Punishment3D.com, AlienFuckers3D.com, TheBigOgames.com

Do you think our sites will sell only with cartoon/hentai/3D traffic? NOT TRUE at all! Try our sites with celebrity, shemale, BDSM, fetish, and even mainstream traffic. You will never ever regret giving our sites a chance. We are here to bring ratios of 2000s BACK!

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1. Earn up to 60% of all sales (signups + rebills) for life! Accurate and advanced statistic;

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3. FHGs, banners, promo texts, free content - everything you need, see below and contact us if you want more!

You can promote our sites directly through Verotel.com affiliate service!
Verotel is the name you can trust since 1998! You will get joint payouts for all sales your Verotel reseller account generates. I.e. you can promote our sites and all other sites from 3rd-party companies which use Verotel's reseller program, and receive all your commissions in one payment, directly from Verotel.

Add our sites to your existed Verotel reseller account or create a new one by clicking the links:
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You have to add each site to your Verotel account separately, i.e. you must visit all the links above.

Promotional materials for Verotel's affiliates
Download all banners and lists of Free Hosted Galleries (FHG) here >>

Check your statistics and payouts
Sign in to Verotel dashboard here >>

How to increase your default sales commission (percentage of revenue)
If you can make more than 10 sales per month, please contact us to raise your commission.

Art Creators terms of cooperation:

Are you the erotic artist we have been looking for? Do you have the imagination and 3D graphic skills we need? Awesome, welcome on board then! Let us convert your talent into hard currency. Submit samples of your art and links to your personal sites and portfolios to support [at] creative3dcash {dot} com

Renders can range from R to XXX, depending on what you as the author are comfortable with. Let us have a look at your best works!* Not ready for a personalized website? You can sell your picture sets, comics, animations and games in the EroBits store!

* We never want to see your illegal content (CP, rape, incest, bestiality etc). We will never ever publish anything like that.

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